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Bolboschoenus caldwellii

marsh club rush

Rhizomatous semi-aquatic perennial sedge. The stems are triangular in shape.
originAll Australian states and territories.
cultural notesRequires damp to wet soils in permanent or semi permanent water. Prefers full sun or part shade. Inhabits salt-marshes, grassy wetlands and wet depressions in red gum woodland.
toleratesFrost, innundation, Brackish water.
flowering seasonOctober to April.
flower colourGolden or red-brown, occuring in groups of 1 - 3 spikelets.
foliage colourPale to mid green, grass like leaves up to 7mm in width.
widthup to 0.3m
heightup to 1m
water depthaquatic to 0.25m
plant spacing10cm apart
recommended usesRevegetation, adjacent to permanent or semi-pemanent water. Provides habitat for birds and frogs. Tubers of this plant were eaten by Aborigines.

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