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Eucalyptus bridgesiana

apple box

A medium sized tree growing to 25m in height. Course grey fibrous bark on trunk and larger branches. Glossy dark green lance-shaped leaves to 20cm long and white flowers occurring in summer.
originNSW, ACT, Vic, Qld.
cultural notesPrefers well drained, fertile soils in a sunny position.
toleratesTolerant of drought and frost.
flowering seasonSummer.
flower colourFlower buds are egg-shaped on short stalks and in clusters. They open to white flowers. The fruit are large and hemispherical, with 3 projecting valves.
foliage colourThe adult foliage is glossy dark green and lanceolate, growing to 20cm in length. Juvenile foliage is heart-shaped and occurs in opposite pairs.
widthup to 15m
heightup to 25m
plant spacing500cm apart
recommended usesGood as a shade tree or windbreak. Bird and bee attracting.
plant image creditspublic domain

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