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Correa alba prostratewhite correa prostrateProstrate form of Correa alba. Attractive grey-green foliage and starry white flowers. Grows to a height of 30cm and a width od 1.2m
Correa_decumbens.jpgCorrea decumbensSpreading correaA low growing shrub spreading to 1.5m but rarely taller than 30cm. Winter flowering with erect, tubular red flowers.
Correa_glabra.jpgCorrea glabrasmooth correa, Rock CorreaA dense evergreen shrub growing to a height and width of 2m. Can have an upright or spreading form. Smooth, dark green foliage, green or red bell-shaped flowers.
Correa_pulchella.jpgCorrea pulchella 'White Tips'correa pulchella 'White Tips'A small evergreen shrub that can vary in form from semi-prostrate to erect and 1.5m in height. Leaves are green and oval in shape. Flowers are tubular and pink with white tips.
Correa_reflexa.jpgCorrea reflexanative fuchsiaThe most widespread of the Correas, and the most variable. Form can be open and upright to low and spreading, bell shaped flowers can be greenish yellow to deep red, leaves can be rough and hairy or smooth.
Crowea 'Festival'crowea 'Festival'A hybrid of Crowea exalata and Crowea saligna. A compact shrub to 1m in height and width. Deep pink star shaped flowers.
Crowea_exalata.jpgCrowea exalatasmall croweaSmall rounded shrub with a bushy habit. Deep pink star-shaped flowers appear in spring.
Crowea exalata 'Compact Purple'crowea exalata 'Compact Purple'Small rounded with a bushy habit. More compact than the standard Crowea exalata. Five petalled star shaped purple flowers.
Derwentia_perfoliata.jpgDerwentia perfoliataDigger's speedwellA small perennial shrub with a graceful arching habit, growing to a height and width of 1m. Attractive blue-grey heart-shaped foliage and prominent purple or bright blue flowers in summer.
Dichondra repenskidney weedcreeping ground cover, attractive foliage and flowers

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