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Eryngium ovinumblue devilspiky clumping plant with striking blue/purple flowers
Grevillea 'Bedspread'grevillea 'Bedspread'A hybrid of Grevillea wilkinsonii and Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'. A hardy, fast growing groundcover spreading to 3m.
Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler'grevillea 'Bronze Rambler'Thought to be a hybrid of Grevillea rivularis and Grevillea 'Poorinda Peter'. A dense groundcover spreading up to 4m.
Grevillea 'Carpet Queen'grevillea 'Carpet Queen'A dense grouncover spreading to 2m. Small deep green leaves and yellow flowers in spring.
Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'Thought to be a hybrid of Grevillea laurifolia and Grevillea willisii. A vigorous and adaptable groundcover spreading to 6m.
Grevillea_juniperina.jpgGrevillea juniperinajuniper-leaf grevillea, Prickly spider flower.This grevillea varies in habit from a spreading semi-prostrate to a rounded upright shrub. The leaves are dark green and needle like and provide excellent protection for small birds.
Grevillea lanigera prostrategrevillea lanigera prostrateA dense groundcover spreading to 1.5m. Narrow leaves are grey-green and finely haired, giving them a soft woolly appearance. Flowers are spider-like clusters and can be red or pinkish-cream.
Grevillea_x_gaudichaudii.jpgGrevillea x gaudichaudiigrevillea 'Gaudi Chaudi'A naturally occuring hybrid of Grevillea acanthifolia and Grevillea laurifolia. A vigorous groundcover spreading up to 5m. Attractive foliage and deep pink-red flowers appearing in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Hardenbergia 'Mini Ha Ha'hardenbergia 'Mini Ha Ha'A more compact form of Hardenbergia violacae. A hardy climber or groundcover with purple pea style flowers and attractive glossy dark green foliage.
Hardenbergia_violacae.jpgHardenbergia violacaepurple coral peaattractive climber or ground cover

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