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pre-growing of plants

It is often difficult to source uncommon species or stock in very large numbers at short notice.  By planning ahead with us and entering into a pre-growing or contract growing arrangement you will ensure you get the plants you need when you need them without the hassle and stress of last minute shopping around and lack of availability. 

 Generally, landscape plans are completed many months ahead of landscape construction but often the plant supply contract is not awarded until a month or so out from installation. This lack of notice means that unless a nursery happens to have the right quantity, pot size, species or stock collected from provenance seed, substitutions must be made. Nurseries and landscapers share equal displeasure in substituting, so entering into a pre-grow contract early in the project planning stage is the solution.

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Download our pre-grow orders brochure (432K).

we prepare the plants while you relax – benefits of pre-growing to you

Plants create the first impression on your project and with adequate notice we can prepare all the plants you need to the specifications you require.  You can relax in the knowledge that the plants side of your project has been taken care of at the planning stage.  We’ll also grow additional replacement stock to cover any on site damage or attrition and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

By securing plants in advance you will save considerable time and stress when planting time comes and will not have to struggle with availability of plant material nor travelling from nursery to nursery collecting plants.

You’ll also secure a negotiated price on all plants so your budget is addressed well in advance and you avoid the risk of unpredicted price rises.

A pre-grow contract often represents the best value for money as all plants are sourced from the one supplier.

In addition, your plants will be true to type, the quantities required are available with consistent plant size, no substitutes have been used and plants will have been grown in the correct sizes to provide the intended initial impact.

Contact us now to discuss your project requirements

we fill both large and small orders

We welcome all orders, large and small, from 1000 to 1000 000 or more.  Our many acres of chemical free outdoor growing spaces can accommodate orders of any scale.  We can monitor your plants from seedling to maturity and provide them to you sun and frost hardened to ensure they settle in well to any site.

With adequate notice we can fulfill large scale orders particularly suited to landscape developments.  We are able to draw on our specialist resources and utilise our 2 nursery locations to compartmentalise the project and ensure that each plant type is grown in its optimum location.   All stock is centralised prior to dispatch giving plants time to acclimatise.

take advantage of our expertise

We’re all about developing win  -  win relationships and bringing projects to  successful fruition.    We bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to landscaping and revegetation projects so can offer advice on species selection early on.  For example, if we believe that a particular plant is not suitable for a particular location, we can make recommendations for suitable substitions from an educated perspective.

we offer pre-growing discounts

We are pleased to offer beneficial cost savings on forward orders as an added incentive to place your order in advance.  Please contact us for further information or for a project quotation. 

Take advantage of a negotiated price on all plants so you avoid the risk of unpredicted price rises or additional costs incurred when sourcing at the last minute from multiple suppliers.

Let us supply all your project plant needs and save yourself time, money, stress and resources shopping around.

what information do we need?

To provide a project estimate and to anticipate any potential issues early please provide:

  • species list
  • quantities
  • container size required
  • project schedule
  • time frame plants are needed
  • provenance if applicable

growing time frames

Time frames will vary according to the time of year, species type, container size required, germination time and availability of seed.  As a general rule, lead time can vary from 10 weeks to 9 months.   Each pre-growing contract is handled individually. 

Once we’ve discussed your project requirements we can more accurately assess lead times. The earlier we know, the sooner you’lll know and the more likely we will be able to meet your needs. .

The best-laid plans often go astray so the terms of our contract also deal with delays and maintenance. We will always do our best to meet your needs throughout the duration of the project and try to be as flexible and friendly as possible. Upon signing a contract with us a 10% deposit is requested.

can a project be pre-grown in stages?

Planting in stages is very common on large projects and we can factor timed stages into our production schedule, delivering the product you need when you need it. The more we know about the project and the timeframes for planting, the better - we may be able to help you more than you know.

what size plants can you grow?

Plant container sizes vary depending on the nature of the project.  To cater for this we grow plants in numerous sizes including cells (128 – 200 seedlings per trays); hiko tubes (trays of 40 tube stock); 140mm pots; 200mm pots; 1m long wetland strips; advanced trees in 200mm pots and spring rings, 45L and 100L.  Other sizes can be grown upon request.

If you have an upcoming project that you think may be suited to a pre-grow arrangement or to discuss your project options please contact us today.

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