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how Provincial got started

our history

Established in 2001 in the picturesque Wandella Valley of SE NSW, Provincial Plants and Landscapes (previously known under the names 'Provincial Native Plants') emerged from the complementary passions and experience of its co-founders. Skills in Environmental design, Horticulture, Ecology and Landcare merged to bring about Provincial in its current form.

In 2005, our specialist native nursery, landscaping and revegetation service opened in Pialligo, Canberra where we also stock a full array of products needed to create inspirational, vibrant, environmentally sensitive outdoor spaces.

We’ve grown from a 2 person home based operation to a team occupying commercial premises in 2 states.

Our growth comes from being environmentally conscious and undertaking projects that improve our environments. We believe that green business is smart business.

the motivation behind the Provincial concept

Provincial understands the necessity to conserve and restore our public spaces and natural environments, waterways, wetlands, bushland and farmland. Provincial Plants and Landscapes is a response to drought and water restrictions, climate change and its implication to our environments, and to our busy lifestyles that don’t allow time for garden upkeep for people not wanting to sacrifice style for sustainability. Our plants and landscapes are eco-chic.

Our concept has grown with the trend towards people’s desire for beautiful, easy care, water wise gardens and an appreciation of the emerging Australian aesthetic in plant selection. As people experience the ongoing drought, water restrictions and increasing trend towards extreme temperatures, the demand for sustainable landscaping solutions is growing.

where we're heading

Provincial is committed to conserving, restoring and beautifying our public, private and natural environments using sustainable materials and processes. That’s why we’re Carbon Neutral.

We'll continue to build and enhance our superior and integrated collection of ecologically considered products and professional services to improve the way we live, restore our degraded environments and bring happiness and sustenance to ourselves and others.

We will remain creative and innovative, ever improving ourselves and our business – having fun along the way. We’ll continue to invest in systems and practices that reduce our carbon footprint and improve the lives of our team.

Provincial will grow our diverse and complementary range of environmentally sensitive gardening, landscaping, permaculture, design, revegetation and agricultural pursuits to include a new range of top performing plant varieties, aquaponics, permaculture gardens and eco-property development using best practice techniques and renewable resources.

We put a percentage of our profits into large scale sustainable agricultural pursuits and community projects such as supplying water wells or pumps to developing countries.

more detail about where we’re going

Our aquaponics operation will be commercialised and fresh and sun dried organic fish and vegetable produce will be a fantastic result. Our entire staff and families will be receiving the full benefits of our organic and BD fruit, vegetable and fish production.

Our own plant varieties bred specifically for hardiness in landscaping applications, now under trial, will be trading under PBR with growing rights offered to other nurseries.

Our agroforestry industry of sustainable timbers will be fully functional and as a bi product we’ll be making our own fuel.

The natural progression for us is to create best practice ecologically sensitive house and garden speculative developments – this is the culmination of all elements of our business with planning for our first underway.

We’re working on 2 reference books to share our knowledge of native plants and water wise gardening principles.

All elements of our business will operate on solar and wind renewable energy sources (more than 90% of the way there already).

We’ll continue looking at ways to improve our processes to harvest water and minimise water use to remain independent of mains water.

We’ll be certified carbon positive.

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