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our approach

we're passionate about what we do

We want to make a difference and show you how you can create beautiful and appropriate environments that don’t ruin the planet.

We do what we do because we love it.  We’re passionate about good design, ecology and the environment, plants, landscapes and beautiful objects.  We love making our clients (and ourselves) happy by making lifestyles easier and creating attractive, healthy spaces.

It’s a buzz to be really good at what you do.  We’re a dynamic, multi disciplinary team committed to staying fresh, being innovative and making a contribution.

we're responding positively to climate change

We do what we do because someone has to.  Climate change and global warming affects us all.  Provincial has experienced first hand the effect of water restrictions and seen many exotic gardens and grassed areas die or deteriorate in the current harsh climatic conditions in rural, residential and urban settings.   

With the advent of increased temperatures and flood events combined with stricter watering restrictions and lower rainfall, people have become conscious that they must change the way they garden and the plants they choose.  We freely share our knowledge and expertise as it is important that the general community and our industry affiliates be educated about sustainable environmental management and landscape options.

For more information go to provincial's contribution to the environment and steps we're taking to be sustainable.

we're making a contribution for future generations

Most people now acknowledge the necessity to conserve and restore our natural environments using climate and situation appropriate, water sensitive design, products and techniques.  Our land, air and water are our most important assets requiring preservation and restoration to ensure a positive future for the next generations.  We undertake revegetation and rehabilitation works because it is essential and we love knowing that we’re making such a valuable contribution.  Australia’s denuded environments need fixing so there is reduced erosion, increased habitat and biodiversity, and better soil and air quality available for the enjoyment and survival of future generations.

By becoming Carbon neutral, having an Australian Standards certified environmental management system and continuing staff professional development and accreditation, we are leading by example and showing that business can be sustainable and make a valuable contribution.

we're creating eco-chic landscapes using stylish, ecologically sensitive landscape design

Provincial enjoy creating or redesigning gardens with style that are designed to reduce environmental impact and be appropriate to your climatic conditions, regardless of the size of the space.  We’re passionate about good ‘green’ design and the relationship between indoors and out.  We get great pleasure from providing you with fantastic products, stylish spaces and enjoyable outdoor experiences using ecologically considered methods. 

our specialty - beautiful, water wise, easy-care landscapes

We love making people’s lives better, easier and more enjoyable.  Provincial know that you want beautiful objects and attractive vegetation in your outdoor spaces but are concerned about water and maintenance.  Contemporary water wise landscapes that require little water and maintenance are our specialty because they’re beautiful and they’re appropriate.

boutique garden products add flair to your outdoor space

As housing prices soar and many choose to live in cities with little time for garden upkeep, people are opting for smaller gardens and living spaces - paved courtyards and potted or balcony gardens are becoming ever more popular.  We didn’t want to introduce another ‘mass produced in China’ range of products into the market, so have sourced beautiful quality, boutique and handmade items to meet your needs.

our integrated approach makes it easy for you

We want to make it easy for you so we provide a conception to completion service to create or remodel gardens and landscapes.  We understand that many people are time poor and appreciate having access to everything they need to complete their landscape in one place, saving you time, money and resources shopping around. 

we're giving back to our valued team

We really value the contribution our team members make and encourage their personal and professional development.  We appreciate the increasing cost of living and a lack of access to pure, healthy foods that don’t cost a fortune. 

In an effort to give back to our team and with the old adage ‘eat well, live well’ in mind, we’re establishing organic fruit orchards and vegetable gardens that will go some way toward feeding our team’s families and improving their bank balance.  

Provincial conserves, restores and beautifies our environments because it has to be done, we love doing it, and we do it extremely well.

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