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late breaking news

well done us!

We're giving ourselves a pat on the back this week for winning the Environment award at the Nursery and Garden Industry NSW and ACT annual awards dinner in Sydney. Read More.

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al fresco dining this Christmas?

Make the most of your outdoor spaces this Christmas with Maison garden furniture from provincial. We've got tables to suit the biggest of extended families, down to smaller, more intimate gatherings. Between now and Christmas eve we're offering 20% off current floor stock of reconstituted sandstone tables.

Contact us to discuss your garden decor requirements.

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new products to Provincial

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summer '09 at provincial


Welcome to the new Provincial Plants and Landscapes newsletter! This is an exciting new way to keep you updated on new products, specials and developments at Provincial. It will also offer you gardening tips, water-saving ideas, environmental comments and news.

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what's new with us?

Currently at Provincial we are undertaking a massive restructuring of the Wandella nursery to make it even more water efficient. This includes maximizing the amount of water that we are able to reclaim and then recycle, installing capillary watering systems in the hothouses and building 'baths' for our plants. Our Pialligo nursery is soon to receive a similar makeover.

new products for you!

Now available at Provincial is the Amgrow range of certified organic potting mixes, compost and manure.

We are also introducing the Aerobin passive aerobic composting system and a range of greywater recycling products and services to add to our array of recycling and water saving solutions for your home and garden.

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what about a grass tree for Xmas?

Few plants are as striking as the grass tree, Xanthorrhoea johnsonii. These slow growing trees can live to be 600 years old, take two decades to flower and two centuries to reach their full height of around two metres. If you don't have that long to wait, Provincial have a range of mature grass trees and the expertise to transplant them successfully. These distinctively Australian trees are hardy, drought tolerant, attract birds and butterflies and make a stunning feature plant in a sunny or partly shaded position. Find out more.

gift vouchers... the perfect solution for your family, friends and colleagues this Christmas.

Provincial gift vouchers are available in store at Provincial, or contact us by phone, fax or email with the details and we'll send the voucher to your friends, family or colleagues via email or post. They are issued in any denomination and are vaild for 6 months from the date of issue.

Take the stress out of shopping with a gift voucher from Provincial.

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hot tips- magnificent mulch

As we come into a long, hot, water-restricted summer, it is time to consider ways to maximize water efficiency in your garden. One of the best ways to cushion your plants from the heat and conserve water is mulching. Mulch is like insulation for your soil. A course, chunky mulch traps air which reduces water loss through evaporation and protects against extremes of temperature. Organic mulches such as straw or bark chips break down, adding organic matter to improve your soil, while inorganic mulches such as stones or gravel can be an attractive and low maintenance way of conserving water and keeping weeds down. Find out more.

Many thanks for a fabulous 2009 and best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year, from all the team at Provincial.


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