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why Maison reconstituted sandstone paving products are best for you

Provincial Plants and Landscapes is proud to introduce the Maison collection of genuine reconstituted sandstone products featuring large format pavers in natural, coloured and limestone look tones, and an exceptional range of pool coping and tile inlays, columns and limestone ‘look’ blocks.

complementary garden décor

Unique garden décor including wrought iron seating and wall screens, reconstituted sandstone tables and water features complement the range and allow you to create your own distinctive space that will and add value to your home and lifestyle.

exclusive, distinctive, handcrafted Maison collection of paving products

Maison reconstituted sandstone products are individually handcrafted in Adelaide using the finest materials and processes in a range of styles to suit any landscaping application or design setting.

The collection is demonstrably superior and distinctively different to common concrete pavers and is exclusive to Provincial Plants and Landscapes in the ACT and South East NSW.

major benefits to you

  • will not fade, bleach or go dull as concrete is renowned to do
  • not slippery when wet and the grainy texture is ideal around wet areas
  • cool to walk on in full summer sun
  • cleaning is easy and sealer not required

stylish, natural and luxurious

  • rustic, traditional or contemporary, Maison’s distinctive looks will enhance any space, old or new, and can be matched to any interior or exterior décor
  • natural hues and textures and larger sizes help make spaces feel bigger and add a clean, crisp feel that works well with most decorating styles
  • no artificial colours are used and hence there are no batch variations in colour - you can pave in stages and still get colours that match
  • the luxurious look and soft feel of reconstituted sandstone enhance any space
  • natural hues complement your outdoor decor
  • adaptable and versatile:  simply paved courtyards, elaborate architectural landscapes, public spaces, portico’s, pool surrounds, feature steps, feature walls -  the possibilities are endless

strong and durable

  • colour pavers are UV resistant
  • a special additive makes Maison twice as strong as other pavers AND salt resistant.  Pieces are handmade to the highest standards of strength and quality
  • tested to tolerate extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • strong and durable to last a lifetime
  • pavers will age gracefully as they take on the patina of life and natural pigments change
pdf pdf download
Download our factsheet on sealing reconstituted sandstone pavers (33K).

easy-care and practical

  • make your outdoor living easy:  you can replace labour and resource intensive lawns with large format pavers to create stylish, comfortable and  low maintenance surrounds
  • a unique steel frame mould ensures perfect shape and uniformity for an unsurpassed end result.  This also makes them quicker to lay.  Unlike concrete, Maison pavers have a fine aggregate that makes cutting easy and saves you time and money on installation costs
  • stain proof tests have shown that marks such as red wine, food or crayons simply wash away with soap and water or a household cleaner and can be high pressure cleaned.  only high stain areas (BBQ’s or garages), colour pavers and internal pavers need sealing

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