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pavers that will complement your outdoor space

Maison reconstituted sandstone products are individually handcrafted in Adelaide using the finest materials that make it versatile enough to suit any landscaping application.  Maison is demonstrably superior and distinctively different to common concrete and can be used to create beautiful and inviting spaces that make a statement about your lifestyle.

The Maison collection will allow you to create your own unique, stunning look which is also comfortable, practical and durable.  It is well suited to the astute buyer who doesn’t want to settle for the mundane, mass produced or second best.

Large format pavers in natural, coloured and limestone ‘look’ tones, rebated coping with tile inlays, rope borders, wall cappings, columns, limestone ‘look’ blocks, an exceptional range of pool coping, water features and tables have been designed and manufactured for the discerning customer.

large format pavers

Large format pavers 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm and 750 x 500mm create a dynamic statement and create “scale” in a space.

round edge large format pavers

There create an aged, rustic look.  They are the more authentic European style and can be laid with a 10mm gap.

We recommend the round edge pavers to the inexperienced layer because they are more forgiving in the corners (they give more laying licence).  If a corner is sticking up it will not be as pronounced as a square edge corner would be.

If you are laying the pavers yourself we suggest the 500 x 500’s as the others are too heavy for the novice and you may end up chipping the edges (the 600’s and 750’s are really a two person lay).

The larger the paver the more open the area will become, with less lines – this is always advisable in small areas.

square edge large format pavers

These suit the more modern, contemporary designs.

This style is more suited to a more experienced layer as any corners kicking up are sharp and can cause problems if raised.

The square edge pavers taper down so that the larger surface area, or widest part is the TOP of the paver.  It is done this way so they can be laid down as close together as possible (2mm gap).

square edge


Round edge FS1 (500 x 500 x 50mm) are the most popular for driveways followed by the Square edge FS6 (500 x 500 x 50mm).

Limestone look pavers are also suitable.

The 600, 750, 900 and 1000’s should not be used for driveways or be wackered.  The surface area will become unsettled due to one side of the paver being “worked” and will cause the other side of the paver to” loosen”.

The pavers should take approx 4 tonne per paver but the product is ONLY AS GOOD AS THE BASE IT lS LAID ON!

The base must be wackered (but never wacker the pavers).

Take caution about road base, as it can contain some salt - Quartz is normally an ideal choice (some even mix in cement dust in the paving sand).

pdf pdf download
Download our factsheet on laying Maison pavers (43K).

measuring up your paving area

Remember when measuring up your area to allow around 5% extra (industry standard) for breakage and cutting waste. 

Also remember that the quantity of pavers you require will be effected by the paving pattern that you choose.


limestone-look blocks and pavers

Natural limestone blocks look great, but natural stone suffers from a high breakage rate in transit, it attracts mould and turns black with exposure to moisture.  It is very heavy, dirty to work with and naturally brittle.

Maison have now moulded natural limestone to produce our own reconstituted sandstone version in a 500 x 350mm paver and 240 x 350 x 500mm block.  This has achieved a close to zero breakage rate and blocks and pavers are mould resistant and won’t turn back with exposure to moisture like natural limestone.

Other advantages:
  • They are 35% lighter than natural limestone
  • They are not brittle and have no fine dust when working with them
  • They can be washed or gurneyed without any problems

These payers will vary in thickness up to 10mm.  This deliberate look is to create a cobble effect and it will not affect the ambience of the paver.  Blocks have been hollowed for retaining purposes and to reduce weight.

Limestone look pavers have all the same qualities as Maison’s standard pavers and blocks are now available in Charcoal, Chocolate and Terracotta.

pdf pdf download
Download our pool coping template (163K).

pool coping, masons mitre and pool radius

Complete your pool area with a stunning finish in a style to suit your tastes.

These reconstituted sandstone products lend a distinctive air with all the benefits and features of the Maison paving range, including being non slip and cool even in full summer sun.

Available in most radius sizes or made to measure.  Templates must be supplied for non standard sizes and kidney shape pool coping.  Single, double or triple profiles available.

50mm bullnose and 70mm bullnose / scotia normally in a single is standard.

Also available in double and triple profile.

Maison can also do curves and radius for pool coping - radius or curvature normally takes around 6 - 8 weeks (especially during winter when “curing” takes longer) and requires a pool coping template. 


rebated coping with tile inlay

This is a specialist product with a unique design featuring a number of tile inlay options that create a special effect around pools, on step treads or garden platforms.

Shattered black pebble, charcoal and sandstone parquetry and charcoal cube inlays allow you to create a stylish look.

You can also choose from any number of coping profiles to attain just the aesthetic you’re looking for.

The coping is to be laid first with the tile inlay after, bedded down with a mix of  washed rivers and brighton-lite cement with some bondcrete  (this prevents fine line cracking and assists with adhesion)

pdf pdf download
Download our factsheet on decorative paving features and combinations (28K).

laying patterns and design options for pavers

The paving pattern you select will be based on personal aesthetic preference and the size and shape of your space.

Many attractive effects can be created by including a border header course, decorative polished pebbles or a rope border around the pavers

Paths or stepping stones can be broken up with low, tufted grasses, crushed brick, gravel or decorative pebbles.  This also allows water to penetrate to the soil below rather than run off a solid paved area.

Some of the most popular patterns are:

  • Grid pattern is the easiest to lay with the least amount of cuts and so the least amount of wastage 
  • Brick pattern is good for the novice and results in around 7% wastage
  • Diamond pattern is the most complex and results in around 10 – 12% wastage

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