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Acacia floribundawhite sallow wattle, gossamer wattleA tall dense shrub or small tree growing to a height of 6m. Long narrrow dark green phyllodes to 15cm long, often slightly curved. Abundant pale yellow ball-shaped flowers in winter and spring.
Cassinia longifoliashiny cassiniaA medium to large shrub capable of reaching 4m, but usually smaller. Dense clusters of small white flowers in spring, summer and autumn.
Cymbopogen refractusbarbed wire grassTufted perennial grass with arching seed heads and fibrous roots. Can live up to 25 years. Native to grassland and woodland and often found on low nutrient sites. Related to the culinary Lemongrass, foliage has a lemony scent, particularly when crushed.
Dianella_caerulea.jpgDianella caeruleaParoo lilyevergreen perennial with attractive star shaped purple flowers
Dianella_tasmanica.jpgDianella tasmanicaTasman flax lilysculptural ornamental evergreen with arching strap-like leaves and attractive purple flower spikes
Dichondra repenskidney weedcreeping ground cover, attractive foliage and flowers
Eutaxia microphyllacommon eutaxiaA small spreading shrub growing to 1.5m in height and width. The narrow leaves are grey-green, sometimes tinged with bronze and crowded on the branches. Predominantly yellow pea style flowers appear in spring and summer.
Indigofera_australis.jpgIndigofera australisaustral indigoAn open spreading shrub growing to 2m in height and width. Blue-grey foliage and sprays of mauve-pink pea-shaped flowers in spring are a feature of this plant.
Lepidosperma lateralevariable sword sedgeattractive tufted plant bird attracting
Leptospermum brevipesSlender tea treeA large spreading shrub with a pendulous habit, growing to 4m in height and 3m in width. White flowers, 12mm in diameter occur in spring and summer.

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