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Acacia boormanii

snowy river wattle

A rounded bushy shrub growing to 4m in height and 3m in width. Profuse golden-yellow ball-shaped flowers are produced in spring. Grey-green phyllodes are long and narrow. A spectacular plant when in flower.
originNSW, Vic.
cultural notesAdaptable to a range of climates and soils provided they are free draining. Prefers full sun or light shade.
maintenanceCan be pruned to maintain shape and promote bushy growth. A low maintainence plant.
toleratesTolerant of frost and drought.
flowering seasonLate Winter and Spring.
flower colourProfuse bright yellow ball-shaped flowers are borne from the phyllode axils. They are pleasantly scented. Seed pods are brown in colour, to 10cm in length.
foliage colourLong narrow phyllodes are grey-green in colour and grow to 6cm long.
widthup to 3m
heightup to 4m
plant spacing150cm apart
recommended usesA very attractive feature plant when in flower.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Danielle Langlois

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