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Acacia elongata

slender wattle, swamp wattle

An erect open shrub growing to 3m in height. Elongata refers to the long narrow phyllodes reaching 130mm in length and about 3mm in width. Yellow ball-shaped flowers occur in the phyllode axils.
originEastern NSW.
cultural notesA very adaptable plant which naturally occurs in a range situations from sandy soils in Eucalypt woodland to saline soils in swamps and along watercourses. At its best in moist soils in full sun or light shade.
toleratesTolerant of frost, drought, salt and short periods of innundation.
flowering seasonSpring.
flower colourGolden yellow, ball shaped flowers on short peduncles from the phyllode axils. Dark brown seed pods.
foliage colourLong narrow phyllodes, mid to dark green.
widthup to 2m
heightup to 3m
plant spacing80cm apart
recommended usesAttractive foliage and flowers make this a good feature plant. Useful in low maintainance gardens.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Bidgee

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