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Acacia fimbriata

fringed wattle, Brisbane golden wattle.

Variable in form from a bushy shrub to a small tree. The dark green to grey-green linear phyllodes are fringed with fine hairs. Cluster of perfumed ball-shaped flowers occur in late winter and spring.
originNSW, Qld.
cultural notesA hardy plant adaptable to most soils but requiring consistant water.
maintenancePrune after flowering to maintain shape and promote a bushy habit.
toleratesTolerant of frost and damp conditions.
flowering seasonLate Winter and Spring.
flower colourDense sprays of perfumed, golden yellow ball-shaped flowers.
foliage colourDark green to grey-green linear phyllodes to 4cm in length. Phyllodes are fringed with fine hairs hence the common name fringed wattle.
widthup to 6m
heightup to 6m
plant spacing100cm apart
recommended usesVery useful as a screen or hedge. Can be pruned to maintain a compact size.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Danielle Langlois

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