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Acacia howittii

sticky wattle

A dense shrub or small tree growing to 8m in height and spreading 3m. It is fast growing and has a graceful weeping habit. Small elliptical phyllodes to 3cm in length have a sticky texture and pale yellow ball-shaped flowers occur in spring.
cultural notesAn adaptable plant that is very fast growing, even in hard conditions. It naturally occurs in cool moist areas but will adapt to most garden situations. It does not areas with high summer rainfall.
maintenanceResponds well to hard pruning.
toleratesFrost and drought tolerant.
flowering seasonSpring.
flower colourScented, pale yellow ball-shaped flowers held on short peduncles from the phyllode axils. Seed pods are brown and elongated.
foliage colourLight green to dark green phyllodes are up to 3cm in length. They have a sticky texture which is particularly noticable after pruning.
widthup to 3m
heightup to 8m
plant spacing150cm apart
recommended usesA very good hedge or screen plant, fast growing and when pruned hard it becomes very dense. A low growing form is available.

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