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Acacia implexa

hickory wattle, lightwood

A small to medium sized tree growing to a height of 12m. Relatively long lived compared to many wattles. It has sickle shaped phyllodes to 20cm in length and clusters of creamy-yellow coloured, ball-shaped flowers in summer and autumn.
originNSW, Vic, Qld.
cultural notesAdaptable to a range of climates and soils, provided they are free draining. Grow in full sun.
maintenanceSusceptible to damage by bag moths and leaf gall.
toleratesDrought and frost tolerant.
flowering seasonSummer and Autumn
flower colourClusters of scented ball-shaped flowers, creamy-yellow in colour. Seed pods are brown and twisted.
foliage colourPhyllodes are light green and sickle shaped, to 20cm in length.
widthup to 3.5m
heightup to 12m
plant spacing200cm apart
recommended usesUseful as a windbreak or tall screen, or as a shade tree. Hardiness, speed of growth and relatively long lifespan make this a useful species.

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