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Acacia pravissima

oven's wattle

A tall spreading shrub or small tree growing to 8m. Pendulous branches and small triangular olive green phyllodes to 2cm in length. Clusters of golden yellow ball-shaped flowers appear in spring and summer.
originNSW, ACT, Vic.
cultural notesA hardy plant adaptable to most soils provided they are free draining. Prefers an open sunny position.
toleratesFrost and drought tolerant.
flowering seasonSpring and Summer.
flower colourThe flowers are bright yellow and ball-shaped. They occur in long racemes. The seed pods are a dull browny-black.
foliage colourThe foliage is made up of olive green phyllodes, triangular in shape and up to 2cm in length. The tips of the phyllodes develop a gold tinge in winter.
widthup to 3m
heightup to 8m
plant spacing150cm apart
recommended usesThe weeping habit, showy flowers and attractive foliage make this a great feature plant.

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