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  • native trees and shrubs

water      hardiness

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urban and commercial
erosion control
farm forestry and agriculture

soil type and drainage

light - sandy soils
medium - loamy soils
heavy - clay soils
good drainage
reasonable drainage
poor drainage

Acacia rubida

red stemmed wattle, red leaved wattle

A bushy shrub or small tree with deep red, angular stems and reddish foliage in winter. Bright yellow ball shaped flowers occuring in clusters.
originNSW, ACT, Vic, Qld.
cultural notesVery hardy, a good pioneer species for disturbed sites. Adaptable to most soils, prefers a sunny position.
maintenanceLittle or no maintainence required. Can be pruned after flowering to maintain shape.
toleratesTolerant of frost, drought, temporary innundation.
flowering seasonLate Winter and Spring.
flower colourGolden yellow ball shaped flowers occuring in clusters. The fruit are brown pods.
foliage colourNarrow leathery phyllodes are green to blue-green and up to 20cm in length. Juvenile foliage is bipinnate and can often be seen on mature plants.
widthup to 3m
heightup to 9m
plant spacing200cm apart
recommended usesUseful for situations where little or no maintainence is possible i.e. roadsides and median strips. Improves soil by fixing nitrogen. Bird and insect attractant.

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