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  • native lilies / strappy leaf plants

water      hardiness

project type

urban and commercial
erosion control

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soil type and drainage

light - sandy soils
medium - loamy soils
heavy - clay soils
good drainage

Acaena nova-zealandiae

bidgee widgee

A creeping perennial groundcover with vivid green leaves and spiny red seed heads held above the foliage.
originEastern NSW, Qld, Vic, Tas, SA, New Zealand, New Guinea.
cultural notesA hardy plant tolerant of poor soils provided they are well drained. They prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade.
toleratesTolerant of drought, frost and low nutrient soils.
flowering seasonOctober to January
flower colourThe flowers are greenish white in colour and form small balls held above the foliage on a long stalk. The flowers are followed by spiny red seed heads in late summmer.
foliage colourVivid green leaves with toothed margins.
widthup to 4m
heightup to 0.2m
plant spacing100cm apart A spreading groundcover that will root freely from leaf nodes.
recommended usesA hardy plant adaptable to a wide range of conditions. A good soil binder, it is useful for erosion control on steep banks.

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