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Ajuga australis

austral bugle

A clump forming perennial with soft, velvety foliage growing in a rosette pattern and displaying prominent purple flower in spring and summer.
originNSW, Qld, Vic, Tas, SA.
cultural notesAn adaptable species that naturally occurs in a range of climates from subalpine meadows to rocky desert gullies. Happiest in full sun and free draining soil.
toleratesAdaptable to most soils, frost and drought tolerant.
flowering seasonSpring and Summer.
flower colourUsually deep mauve or purple, less commonly pink, blue or white.
foliage colourThe leaves are green on top with a purplish tinge underneath. Fine hairs give them a soft, velvety appearance.
widthup to 1m
heightup to 0.4m
plant spacing100cm apart
recommended usesRockeries and garden beds.

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