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Austrodanthonia eriantha

hill wallaby grass

Tufted perennial, dense and erect.
originInland NSW, Vic, S.A,
cultural notesFull sun or part shade, prefers well drained soils.
maintenanceCutting back or mowing periodically will encourage new growth.
toleratesFrost and drought tolerant.
flowering seasonLate spring to early summer.
flower colourThe greenish with yellow anthers. The flowerhead is made up of spikelets and is between 20 and 70mm long. Bristle or awn to 15mm long.
foliage colourBlue-green, yellow in dry conditions.
widthup to 0.3m
heightup to 0.7m
plant spacing30cm apart
recommended usesFeature plant, revegetation or underplanting of trees. Native lawn.

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