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Austrodanthonia longifolia

long leaf wallaby grass

A tufting perennial grass with long slender foliage. Cream flower heads are held above the foliage.
originNSW, Qld, Tas, Vic.
cultural notesAdaptable to most soils, will tolerate shade but at its best in full sun.
maintenanceRemove spent seed heads and trim foliage to encourage new growth.
toleratesDrought and frost tolerant.
flowering seasonSpring, Summer, Autumn.
flower colourDelicate, cream coloured flowers occuring in spikelets up to 15cm long. Flowers are displayed above the foliage.
foliage colourLong, slender green foliage.
widthup to 50m
heightup to 1m
plant spacing50cm apart
recommended usesUse single plants as an accent or group together as a feature planting. Commonly used in rockeries.

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