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Austrostipa densiflora

brush tail spear grass, Foxtail spear grass

Erect tufted, perennial grass. Foliage to 20cm in height. Attractive, dense seed heads with feathery hairs are held well above the foliage.
originNSW, Vic, Qld, SA.
cultural notesPrefers free draining gravelly soils in full sun or part shade.
maintenanceCut back periodically.
toleratesTolerant of drought, frost and low nutrient soils provided they are free draining.
flowering seasonSeptember to January
flower colourFlower head is up to 30cm long and dense with white to golden feathery hairs.
foliage colourGreen with fine soft hairs on leaves and stem nodes. Leaves 5mm wideand up to 45cm long, tapering to a point.
widthup to 0.2m
heightup to 1m
plant spacing30cm apart
recommended usesIn rockeries or as accent plants in garden beds.

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