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Banksia ericifolia

heath banksia

A dense bushy shrub growing to 5m in height and 4m in width. Narrow linear leaves to 2cm in length and large yellow-orange cylindrical flower spikes to 30cm.
cultural notesA very hardy shrub in most climates and soils but requiring good drainage. Grow in full sun or part shade.
maintenanceCan be pruned to maintain shape. Avoid fertilizers high in phosphorus
toleratestolerant of frost, drought, poor soils and salt spray.
flowering seasonAutumn and Winter.
flower colourLarge cylindrical flower spike with hooked styles, yellow-orange in colour.
foliage colourBright to mid green linear leaves to 2cm in length.
widthup to 4m
heightup to 5m
plant spacing150cm apart
recommended usesVery hardy, useful as a hedge or screen. Bird attracting.

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