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  • native rushes / strappy leaf plants
  • wetland plants

water      hardiness

project type

urban and commercial

ecosystem type

coastal hinterland

soil type and drainage

light - sandy soils
medium - loamy soils
heavy - clay soils
poor drainage

Baumea rubiginosa

soft twig rush

Rhizomatous perennial. Compressed ribbon like green leaves. Inflorescence reddish brown clusters of spikelets.
originAll Australian states and territories.
cultural notesNaturally occurs in swampy areas with low nutrient soils. Full sun or part shade.
maintenanceRequires regular water.
toleratesTolerant of frosts, innundation, low nutrient soils, poor water quality.
flowering seasonCan flower year round.
flower colourDense flower spikes of redish brown flowers.
foliage colourBright green leaves often orange-brown towards the tips.
widthup to 0.5m
heightup to 1m
water depthaquatic to 0.25m
plant spacing20cm apart
recommended usesUseful for wetland revegetation.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Jkelly

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