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Callistemon subulatus

dwarf bottlebrush

A compact shrub growing to 1.5m with arching, sometimes pendulous branches. Profuse red flower spikes to 6cm in length occuring in spring and summer.
originNSW, Vic.
cultural notesVery hardy shrub accepting of most soils including those with poor drainage. Prefers a sunny location.
maintenanceCan be pruned after flowering to maintain shape.
toleratesTolerant of drought, frost and poor drainage.
flowering seasonSpring and Summer
flower colourRed bottle brush style flower spikes to 6cm in length.
foliage colourNarrow mid to dark green sharply pointed leaves to 4cm in length.
widthup to 1.8m
heightup to 1.5m
plant spacing100cm apart
recommended usesA hardy shrub useful as a small hedge or screen or, due to its compact size, as a foreground feature plant. Suitable as a container plant. Bird attracting.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Marco Bernardini

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