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Callistemon viminalis

weeping bottlebrush

A large shrub or tall tree with a weeping growth habit. Can grow as tall as 8m with a 3m spread. Profuse red flower spikes to 9cm.
originNSW, Qld.
cultural notesVery hardy plant that requires full sun. Accepting of most soils including those with poor drainage.
maintenanceCan be pruned after flowering to maintain shape.
toleratesTolerant of drought, frost and poorly drained soils.
flowering seasonSummer and Autumn.
flower colourBrilliant red bottlebrush style flowers to 9cm in length.
foliage colourLight green narrow leaves to 7cm.
widthup to 3m
heightup to 8m
plant spacing150cm apart
recommended usesA versatile plant, taller forms can make good street trees, also useful as a hedge or screen. Bird attracting, flowers and foliage can be used in flower arrangements.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License J.M. Garg

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