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provincial plants + landscapes

plant type

  • native sedges / strappy leaf plants
  • wetland plants

water      hardiness

project type

urban and commercial
erosion control

ecosystem type


soil type and drainage

medium - loamy soils
heavy - clay soils
poor drainage

Carex fascicularis

tassel sedge

tough densely tufted sedge, excellent ornamental feature in wetland plantings
originnsw, qld, wa, sa, tas, vic, act
cultural notesfull sun, boggy conditions, fast growing, long lived, very hardy
maintenancemay be pruned annually to remove old foliage
toleratesinundations and periodic dry periods
flowering seasonspring to autumn
flower colouryellow/green clustered on drooping flower spikes
foliage colourmid green, rough textured and sharp edge leaf blades
heightup to 1m
water depthedges and marshland
plant spacing50cm apart
recommended usesornamental sedge used in constructed wetlands. Also provides habitat for water birds and may be used for poolside plantings

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