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Chionochloa pallida

silver top wallaby grass, redanther wallaby grass

Large, dense perennial tussock forming grass. The flower spikelets are held high above the foliage, have prominent red anthers and age to a silvery-straw colour.
originNSW, Vic, WA.
cultural notesTolerant of poorer, low nutrient soils and therefore good for disturbed sites and prevention of soil erosion. Very attractive, particularly when in flower. Grow in full sun or part shade.
maintenanceCan be cut back periodically.
toleratesFrost and drought tolerant, prefers well drained soils but will tolerate periods of wetness. Resistant to Phytophthora root rot.
flowering seasonOctober to January, particularly after fire.
flower colourFeaturing prominent red anthers, the flower spikes are held well above the foliage. They age to a silvery straw colour.
foliage colourPale blue-green with inrolled margins.
widthup to 0.5m
heightup to 1.5m
plant spacing50cm apart
recommended usesOften used as a feature plant in native landscaping. Soil erosion prevention for revegetation projects.

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