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Correa reflexa

native fuchsia

The most widespread of the Correas, and the most variable. Form can be open and upright to low and spreading, bell shaped flowers can be greenish yellow to deep red, leaves can be rough and hairy or smooth.
originNSW, Qld, Vic, Tas, SA.
cultural notesVery hardy, prefers well drained soils in full sun or part shade. The low growing coastal forms are often more attractive with a tidier appearance than the upright forms.
maintenanceCan be pruned to maintain shape.
toleratesDrought, frost and salt tolerant.
flowering seasonWinter.
flower colourVariable flower colour from greensish yellow to deep crimson.
foliage colourLeaves are dark green in colour and vary from rough surfaced and hairy to smooth with short hairs on the underside.
widthup to 2m
heightup to 1.8m
recommended usesUses vary depending on form.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Noodle snacks

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