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Crassula helmsii

swamp stone crop

Spreading perennial that inhabits the edges of stationary or slow flowing water. Occasionally found floating in water. Spreads by rooting from the nodes.
originNSW, Vic, SA, WA.
cultural notesAquatic or semi aquatic, requires consistant water. Grow in full sun.
maintenanceCan spread rapidly, should be cut back as neccesary to prevent unwanted spreading.
toleratesInnundation, frost, salt.
flowering seasonSpring and Summer.
flower colourSmall white flowers, sometimes tinged with red, occuring in the upper leaf axils.
foliage colourFoliage is made up of narrow succulent light green leaves, sometimes tinged with red.
heightup to 0.3m
water depthwetland margins
plant spacing10cm apart
recommended usesUseful for supressing weed at the edge of ponds and dams, frog habitat.

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