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Crowea exalata

small crowea

Small rounded shrub with a bushy habit. Deep pink star-shaped flowers appear in spring.
originNSW, ACT, Vic.
cultural notesLikes well drained, mulched soil in full sun or part shade with some protection.
maintenanceCan be pruned to promote bushy habit.
toleratesDrought and frost tolerant.
flowering seasonSummer and Autumn.
flower colourFive petalled star shaped flowers are vibrant pink or purple.
foliage colourLeaves are dark green, narrow and oval in shape.
widthup to 1m
heightup to 0.7m
plant spacing100cm apart
recommended usesVery decorative plant useful in rockeries and garden beds. Suitable for pots.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Melburnian

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