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Derwentia perfoliata

Digger's speedwell

A small perennial shrub with a graceful arching habit, growing to a height and width of 1m. Attractive blue-grey heart-shaped foliage and prominent purple or bright blue flowers in summer.
originNSW, ACT, Vic.
cultural notesRequires well drained soils. A shady location will promote the growth of larger more attractive foliage.
maintenanceRemove spent flower stems after flowering.
toleratesDrought and frost tolerant. Will re-grow from the roots if the stems and foliage are frozen during a severe winter.
flowering seasonSummer.
flower colourBright blue or purple flowers held above the foliage.
foliage colourBlue grey heart shaped leaves in opposite pairs around the stem.
widthup to 1m
heightup to 1m
plant spacing50cm apart
recommended usesAttractive as a specimen plant or in mass plantings. Also used as an indoor or outdoor pot plant.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Stan Shebs

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