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  • native flowers, groundcovers and climbers

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light - sandy soils
medium - loamy soils
heavy - clay soils
reasonable drainage
poor drainage

Ranunculus lappaceus

common buttercup

A small hardy perennial plant growing to a height and width of around 50cm.
originNSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA, Qld.
cultural notesA very hardy plant happiest in a sunny position with ample moisture. Adaptable to a range of soils.
maintenanceWill self seed and may require containment.
toleratesTolerant of frost and damp conditions.
flowering seasonSpring and Summer.
flower colourProminent golden yellow flowers borne on stalks well above the foliage.
foliage colourMid green are divided into 3 or 5 leaflets.
widthup to 0.5m
heightup to 0.5m
plant spacing20cm apart
recommended usesPopular in cottage style gardens.
plant image creditsCreative Commons License Ian Sutton

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