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We are proud to introduce Provincial Produce: fresh free-range eggs, forest honey, and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Our produce comes from far above the small country town of Cobargo in the picturesque Wandella valley and the rural coastal locality of Tanja. The seed of the idea to grow produce was the intention to feed our own staff & families. Hundreds of fruit trees, multiple vegetable beds and dozens of chickens later we have made our table groan with the abundance of our harvest.

Our plenty is now Provincial Produce, coming soon to your kitchen.


Enjoy fresh eggs laid by healthy, happy chickens that are treated with care and respect. Packed daily, our flock’s delicious eggs are filled with quality, freshness and natural nutrition. Our cage free chickens have space to roam, flap their wings and forage - the way nature intended! With secluded nesting boxes, protection from the weather and predators our ladies are fed organically certified grains, chemical free garden greens and fresh water - they produce real, flavoursome, free range eggs

No pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, antibiotics or additives are used in the feed chickens consume or in the areas where they roam.

Our eggs are available at Candelo Whole Foods in Bega.


If we ever think we are too busy, we look at our bees. One of the most important insects in the cycle of life, bees are crucial to shrubs, trees, flowers and food production – in short, life here on earth. Early spring comes with hundreds of fruit trees in blossom and later in the season the Acacia mearnsii (black wattle) blooms, the gathering never stops. We’ve expanded our colony and harvested our honey. And what honey – light in colour and taste, we are excited to harvest more. We’ve plans for more hives at our Wandella location. Great for bees, great for us.

Our honey will be available in 2011 at various outlets

seasonal produce

Nestled into every nook and cranny at our 4-acre production nursery high up in the Wandella hills and at our coastal location in Tanja are scores of fruit trees, and garden beds just exploding with grains, greens, tubers, and all variety of edibles. Enriched over time with green manure crops and compost, our beds are highly productive and remain chemical free. Multiple varieties are planted including many heirlooms to keep biodiversity robust, and we’re always experimenting with new and rare varieties. Companion planting is practiced, and the principals of permaculture are embraced.

Currently Provincial staff reap the benefits of this abundance, but as our gardens grow so does our harvest so local residents will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Our produce will be available in 2011 at various outlets

Provincial has started the organic certification process with SCPA and all produce will soon be certified organic.

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