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rainbird irrigation supplement

what is rainbird irrigation supplement?

Rain Bird IS Series Irrigation Supplement is 98% water bound in the form of a solid gel. It is an ideal irrigation supplement used in establishing native and exotic plant material, where permanent irrigation is not required, as well as new plant material in existing landscape areas.

Rain Bird IS increases the survival rate of transplants by providing continuous moisture needed to reduce the stress of relocation.  Existing vegetation is not subjected to over watering while trying to establish the new plant and the new plant has its own additional source of water until it becomes established.

Erosion control, revegetation, restoration and indoor plant watering are some of the applications where Rainbird provides an economically viable solution to help establish or maintain plants

Priced affordably, starting from $1.95, this product is a very viable option that can save you a significant amount of time and money when compared to traditional forms of maintenance like water carts, temporary irrigation or hand watering.  Rainbird is particularly useful where there is no access to power or water sources

the benefits

  • No more worries about watering your potted plants when you go away on holidays!
  • Eliminates return trips and replanting to complete job sites
  • Reduces the cost of labour and resources to install and maintain plants
  • It disperses water at a consistent rate for up to 90 days and is not affected by climatic conditions
  • Is predictable – it disperses moisture over a pre determined time period
  • It provides moisture around the clock to the root zone and so increases transplant survival
  • Increases the growth rate of feeder roots by consistent and constant moisture
  • Will not over water and stops dispersing moisture when the soil becomes very wet – no root problems
  • Subterranean irrigation eliminates evaporation, runoff and leaching
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Stays where you place it, either on the surface or below the soil
  • Is environmentally friendly and safe around children and animals
  • A completely natural product made from 98% water blended with food grade ingredients that are non toxic and 100% biodegradable
  • Rainbird has been awarded the Smart approved Water Mark

how it works

98% water is combined with 2% food grade vegetable gum to form a gel that is 100 percent biodegradable. The gel is placed into the ground, in a biodegradable carton or reusable tube, near the plant.

The enzymes naturally found in soil gradually break down the food grade ingredients and convert Rain Bird Irrigation Supplement back into liquid. The capillary action in the soil then carries and maintains the moisture throughout the root zone for up to 90 Days!

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Download our rainbird factsheet (66K) including answers to frequently asked questions .

over 1 million trees can’t be wrong!

Rain Bird Irrigation Supplement, also known as DriWater throughout the world, has widely been used in the United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, including helping to establish over 1 Million trees in the Sahara Desert for Egypt’s Sixth of October city development.

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