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soil type:

light - sandy
medium - loamy
heavy - clay
good drainage
reasonable drainage
poor drainage

plants for soils with reasonable drainage

Acacia_cultriformis.jpgAcacia cultriformisknife leaf wattleAn erect shrub to 3m in height. A graceful weeping habit with blue-grey triagular shaped foliage and golden yellow ball-shaped flowers in spring.
Acacia_dealbata.jpgAcacia dealbatasilver wattle, mimosaVariable in height from a large shrub to a medium sized tree reaching 30m. However, in a garden situation it will rarely grow taller than 8-9m. Bipinnate foliage is blue-grey and covered in fine hairs which give the tree a silvery appearance.
Acacia_elongata.jpgAcacia elongataslender wattle, swamp wattleAn erect open shrub growing to 3m in height. Elongata refers to the long narrow phyllodes reaching 130mm in length and about 3mm in width. Yellow ball-shaped flowers occur in the phyllode axils.
Acacia_fimbriata.jpgAcacia fimbriatafringed wattle, Brisbane golden wattle.Variable in form from a bushy shrub to a small tree. The dark green to grey-green linear phyllodes are fringed with fine hairs. Cluster of perfumed ball-shaped flowers occur in late winter and spring.
Acacia floribundawhite sallow wattle, gossamer wattleA tall dense shrub or small tree growing to a height of 6m. Long narrrow dark green phyllodes to 15cm long, often slightly curved. Abundant pale yellow ball-shaped flowers in winter and spring.
Acacia howittiisticky wattleA dense shrub or small tree growing to 8m in height and spreading 3m. It is fast growing and has a graceful weeping habit. Small elliptical phyllodes to 3cm in length have a sticky texture and pale yellow ball-shaped flowers occur in spring.
Acacia longifolia var. sophoraecoast wattleVariable in form from a small upright tree to 5m in height, to a dense spreading shrub to 4m in width. The latter is typical when grown in coastal conditions. Light green phyllodes grow to 15cm in length and the flowers are golden yellow rods in spring
Acacia_mearnsii.jpgAcacia mearnsiiblack wattleA fast growing medium sized tree growing to 20m in height. The bipinnate foliage is dark green on top, paler underneath, with fine downy hairs. Creamy yellow ball-shaped flowers in spring.
Acacia rubidared stemmed wattle, red leaved wattleA bushy shrub or small tree with deep red, angular stems and reddish foliage in winter. Bright yellow ball shaped flowers occuring in clusters.
Allocasuarina cunninghamianariver she-oakA medium to large sized tree growing to 35m and spreading 10m. It has dense furrowed grey-brown bark and drooping grey-green needle-like foliage.

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