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Lucerne Mulch

size: 100L


Lucerne Mulch image

Sugar Cane Mulch Lrg Bale

size: 250L


Sugar Cane Mulch Lrg Bale image

Country Blend Mushroom Compost

size: 25L


Country Blend Mushroom Compost image

Organic Extra

from $15.95

Organic Extra image

Organix Tomato Herb + Vegie mix

size: 30L


Organix Tomato Herb + Vegie mix image

Home grown food is good for you. And the healthier it grows, the healthier it will be to eat. So give your potted tomatoes, vegetables and herbs a head start with Organix Tomato, Herb and Vegie Potting Mix. Formulated especially for growing in pots, it’s 100% organic BFA Certified & Premium Australian Standard.

So grow your edible plants with Organix Tomato, Herb and Vegie Potting Mix this season. They’ll taste the difference, and so will you.

  • Bioactiv Compost
  • Organic Xtra slow release fertiliser
  • Humate Granules
  • Zeolite
  • Coir Fibre
✓ BFA registered
✓ Premium Australian Standard

Nutri-Blend 5 Organix

size: 30L


Nutri-Blend 5 Organix image

Nutri-blend 5 contains cow manure, poultry manure, worm worked compost, blood & bone and humus extract.
  • Totally organic, safe, gentle nutrition
  • Adds organic material to soil
  • Humus extract is a biological activator - helps convert nutrients into a readily available and usable form
✓ BFA registered

Native Plant Food Organix

size: 5kg


Native Plant Food Organix image

Organix Garden Compost

size: 30L


Organix Garden Compost image

  • 100% organic garden compost
  • Increases soil water retention & improves physical structure of both sandy and clay soils
  • Provides essential nutrients, trace elements and minerals in a safe and readily available form for healthy plant growth
  • Encourages beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms for long term soil health
  • Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers Association (BFA)
✓ BFA registered
✓ Premium Australian Standard

Organix Potting mix

size: 30L


Organix Potting mix image

Organix Organic Potting Mix is a specially formulated for all your potting requirements.
  • 100% organic & 100% natural, no chemicals
  • Designed especially for herbs & vegetables in pots & hanging baskets
  • BioActiv compost to maximise nutrition & feed soil
  • Organic Xtra slow release organic fertiliser added
  • Australian Standard Premium Potting Mix Pack
✓ BFA registered
✓ Premium Australian Standard

Charlie Carp Organic + Seaweed

size: 1L


Charlie Carp Organic + Seaweed image

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