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ecologically sensitive landscape design

embracing the Australian outdoor space

Using plants that belong where we live not only helps conserve our ecological resources, it gives our gardens a sense of place.  Thanks to the extraordinary diversity of stunning native plants, we can interpret any garden style from formal to cottage garden, tropical to contemporary minimalist.  This new Australian outdoor space also reflects our love of outdoor living, with outdoor kitchens or cooking, dining and entertaining areas becoming common in most designs.

understanding lifestyles to improve design

Improved planning and design of outdoor spaces significantly reduces maintenance requirements and so saves water and resources.  A better understanding of user and lifestyle needs means gardens are designed around our busy lifestyles and the times that people are available to enjoy their spaces.

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Download our fee schedule for landscape design services (229K).

conserving water and resources with xeriscapes

Garden and landscape designs that conserve water are often referred to as ‘Xeriscapes’, pronounced ‘zerry scape’.  This is a term derived from the Greek word ‘xeros’ meaning dry and from the word landscape, to form a new term for water conserving gardens

A water wise, easy care garden is easy to create and has numerous benefits.  Not only does it save water and resources, it also saves time and money on maintenance (with fewer weeds and less fertiliser and pesticide use).  By incorporating smaller, drought tolerant lawn areas with improved soils, effective use of mulching and an efficient drip irrigation system, water wise gardens are less work than conventional gardens.

using efficient watering practices for lush gardens

A water wise garden doesn’t mean a desert garden, nor does it have to mean a lawn free garden - you can have a lush green drought tolerant lawn and healthy abundant vegetation.  A water wise garden uses efficient watering practices that means taking advantage of rainwater, recycled water, grey water and reducing reliance on mains water.

designing for sustainability

There are numerous things you can do when planning, planting, reinstating and maintaining your garden, all of which will reduce your reliance on mains water, benefit the environment and make your garden healthy and pest free.   Blending protecting tree canopies or shade structures with outdoor living areas, low water use plants, space for food production and clever water storage solutions are the way of the future.  Following the principles of water wise, easy care gardening in a water sensitive design, you’ll create a beautiful garden environment that will require minimal water and maintenance, and be sustained in the long run.  Provincial designs cleverly for permanent sustainability.

our design services

Provincial’s creative and professional design team can provide you with a range of services to design or re-design your outdoor spaces.  We can provide all or part of the following:

  • site appraisal and analysis
  • site and/or botanical surveys
  • concept landscape plans
  • detailed landscape plan
  • environmental / building design
  • ecological land use planning and whole farm planning
  • permaculture design
  • water sensitive urban design
  • water wise garden design

our design process


Before our initial site visit you’ll receive a fee schedule and acknowledgment of terms so you’re fully aware of design and consultation costs.

We will then undertake a site visit to discuss your needs and desires and assess the opportunities and constraints of the site.  We can then advise on design options and species selection.

Plans can be arrived at on site or in greater detail back in the studio.


Ideas raised at the site visit are developed and drawn to scale for client presentation and further discussion.  One or several concepts can be prepared depending on individual client preferences.

Preliminary analysis of authority regulations and requirements is undertaken and recommendations for the appointment of other consultants will be made if required.  A report is generally provided including findings and recommendations and information about appropriate site preparation, plants, planting and maintenance.

A pictorial species selection is provided.

This stage can be as simple or detailed as you require.


When design concepts are finalised, plans can be taken one step further to resolve their character and specify particular items or materials.  Plans can be used to estimate the total project costs including site preparation, hard-scaping (such as decking and paving) and plant supply and installation.  A planting schedule is provided.

For most residential projects, there is some cross over between stages 2 and 3 and this level of service and plan development is sufficient.


Once the final concept is approved, a fully scaled and detailed plan can be provided for development application or other council submission.

A standard specification is prepared describing the quality of materials, finishes, workmanship and the like.

Pricing for these services depends on the scale and scope of works and is charged hourly as outlined in our fee schedule. 


Provincial is the Principal Contractor on all the projects we design.  We may engage sub – contractors to undertake hard-scaping works such as garden lighting, decks, paving or earthworks. These select contractors provide quality services and know how we work and our expectations for suitable site preparation and finish. 

Once these works are complete and plant numbers are confirmed in the planning process, planting can be undertaken by our professional team, or you may choose for plants to be supplied and to do the planting yourself.

Provincial can provide you with a watering and maintenance regime to ensure your garden establishes well – or we can look after it for you.


Provincial can manage your revegetation or landscaping project from design through to implementation.  We can provide a total or partial service tailored to client needs.

Provincial will co – ordinate and integrate the work of any consultants or contractors.  Our association with local building and landscape contractors allows us to provide the ultimate new space or remodelling service.

You will receive one estimate and one invoice (or progress payments as applicable) from Provincial regardless of the number of sub contractors we engage – this keeps the process simple for you.

We will undertake periodic site inspections, check work in progress regarding design quality control, materials selection and performance.  You’ll be kept up to date with progress reports.

When complete, we’ll issue a job completion certificate so you know that all works have been carried out to specification.


Please contact us to discuss your needs or to arrange a site visit.

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