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We’ve Come A Long Way - From Two Environmentalists In A Caravan Setting Up a Nursery in The Bush With No Buildings, Mains Power Or Water……

"From working outside at a potting bench next to an open fire in winter planning our future, our first major revegetation project supplying and installing 100, 000 plants (pulled off by the 2 of us during the drought!), our first trailer load of plants to an empty nursery site in Canberra (with Lisa heavily 9 months pregnant), to the future fit business we’ve created now has not been a dull ride!"

Provincial started with a passionate vision and desire to contribute to the environment and community for present and future generations. Their holistic, triple bottom line approach sees them continually directing resources back into infrastructure, new initiatives and sustainable landscaping and agricultural pursuits. They’ve taken calculated risks, thought outside the box and been committed to continual improvement. Since 2001, the founders have developed an integrated and multidisciplinary company, providing complete, eco – friendly plant and landscape solutions and practising integrated management of their internal and external resources.

"We started Provincial on a shoestring with high aspirations and little else at our picturesque but remote, 200-acre forest surrounded by a creek. We operated out of a caravan with 1 solar panel and 1 battery, no buildings, infrastructure, power or accessible water. Baths were Japanese style heating water in a cauldron on a fire and we spent 3 winters without windows in a natural, hand-built house so beanies in bed were the norm. We built everything we have and are completely off the grid.  We would stand outside at the potting bench making plants next to an open fire in winter planning our future and loving our present. I have such fond memories like looking across the nursery through rows of giant sunflowers to see David checking the irrigation in nothing more than a pair of boots and a smile! Now with so many staff around and the bureaucracy of OHS, unfortunately there is not as much nudey…"

Whilst revegetation and the nursery were their core businesses in NSW, in 2005 the retail / wholesale nursery, revegetation and landscaping service in Pialligo, Canberra was born - again, an empty canvas with no buildings or infrastructure.  They arrived with a ute and trailerc load of plants and Lisa heavily pregnant waving an open flag!  In 2007, they developed their concept to completion product range to include boutique garden decor, pavers, sculpture and more.

They grew and developed through the GFC, continually reinvesting back into the business infrastructure to become more efficient and sustainable long term.  They started with the nursery and undertook revegetation projects, specialised in Xeriscaping during the drought and gained a positive reputation in residential and commercial sectors. They branched out as a Principal Contractor into large scale commercial landscaping of subdivisions in 2008.

In 2010 David and Lisa commenced large scale permaculture production of organic orchards and vegetables for staff and family. In 2011 they commenced set up and trials of covered aquaponics systems and embarked on the creation of ‘The Provincial Collection’ – their personal range of plants.

In 2013 the pair purchased a 140 acre property to increase their nursery capacity significantly and develop a best practice, working Biodynamic / Organic polyculture farm. They have significantly increased their landscape capacity by upskilling and investing in more plant and equipment since 2008, enabling them to undertake all manner of hard and soft landscaping at scale.

Provincial has grown from 2 people operating out of a caravan to 4 offices in 2 states, 3 nurseries, a landscaping company, polyculture farm and a multi disciplinary team.

The Credentials 

Our Founder and Managing Director is the 2013 ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year, was appointed to the RBA business advisory board 2012 – 2015, is an ambassador for StartUp Australia, a mentor for the BVSC NextGen project and the NAWIC CEO Shadow program. She is the National Association of Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) ACT Professional Woman of the Year 2016 and facilitator of the NAWIC Alumni and Mastermind group programs.

Provincial is certified Carbon Neutral, NSW Business Chamber (FSC) Regional Business Award and Sustainability Award winner 2015, Telstra ACT Business Award Winner 2012, NGIA National Environment Award winner 2010 – 2012 and partner in the NGIA 2020vision. Provincial has a swag of State Finalist Awards across business, industry and environmental categories.

View our portfolio to view examples of our projects and see the quality and workmanship for yourself.