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Our Ecological Restoration Projects See Successful Establishment Of Diverse Plant Communities, Increased Biodiversity, Habitat Creation And Improved Soil, Air And Water Quality

Provincial’s extensive experience and expertise with revegetation and wetlands creation began in 2001. We manage revegetation projects from initial site assessment and recommendations through to site preparation, seed or plant supply and installation to follow up maintenance. We are leaders in this field and have specialist teams that include ecologists, horticulturalists and environmental scientists

We have demonstrated success of 97% survival rates on revegetation projects and the industry standard is 90%

We have the largest range of revegetation species and wetland plants available and are the only carbon neutral revegetation specialist who grows plants in-house in the ACT and SE NSW

What Do We Do?

  • Prepare, install and improve degraded sites
  • Erosion control
  • Manage stormwater runoff issues
  • Bank stabilisation
  • Rehabilitation of creeks, rivers, streams and waterways
  • Grasslands restoration
  • Bush regeneration
  • Roadside rehabilitation
  • Construction site and mine site rehabilitation
  • Substations and sewerage treatment plant rehabilitation
  • Restoration of endangered ecological communities
  • Wetlands creation and rehabilitation
  • Water quality pond creation and rehabilitation

Looking for examples of our work with revegetation, ponds and wetlands? Visit our portfolio for inspiration

Download a list showing a selection of projects we've worked on

Download a PDF of Case Studies