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Plants And Seed For Horticultural Production, Landscaping And Revegetation

We welcome all orders, large and small, from 1000 to 2,000,000 or more. Our nursery spaces accommodate orders of any scale. We’re as capable of providing plant material for any project from huge infrastructure works through to a small backyard renovation. We monitor your plants from seedling to maturity and provide them to you sun and frost hardened to ensure they settle in well to any site.

With just a quick phone call or email you can rest assured your plant supply requirements are met by the Provincial nurseries. You will feel confident that your needs have been taken care of at the planning stage by placing a forward order.

Depending on your requirements, we supply from our ready stock, source, or collect and grow from seed. If needed, we can even grow additional replacement stock to cover any on-site damage or attrition and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Our plant supply represents the best value for money as all plants are sourced from one supplier. You’ll secure a negotiated price so your budget is addressed well in advance.

In addition, your plants will be true to type, the quantities required are available with consistent plant size to provide the intended initial impact. Importantly, plants will be locally acclimatised.

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