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The Provincial Collection Has Achieved Acclaim Australia Wide – Here Is Just Some Of The Feedback We’ve Received

“In my experience 'Verday' is equal or superior to any other narrow leafed Lomandra on the market across a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. For streetscapes and other extensive landscape situations it is virtually maintenance free for several years after planting and can be easily rejuvenated by dividing the plant after a number of years. This exceptional Lomandra is definitely great value for money.”
Angus Stewart, ABC Gardening Australia

“We’ve been successfully planting Lomandra verdayTM on projects all around the Canberra region since 2010. It’s a great plant, attractive and tough, and we’re completely happy with it—it does everything we want it to do in every application; Mass plantings, rehabilitation projects, commercial and residential landscapes—it covers all bases. We also grow it and supply some very happy customers and it’s important to us that it’s available locally and not imported from Sydney suppliers. It outcompetes all other similar plants on the market like Lomandra ‘TanikaTM” in Canberra conditions.”

“Lomandra verdayTM is an exceptional plant in both its growing habit and in flower. Verday’s performance under challenging environmental conditions is truly remarkable, it continues to present well in a landscape—even under the driest conditions. I recommend verdayTM to all y customers looking for a reliable alternative to other Lomandra varieties on the market.”
David Lulfitz | Director | PLANTRITE, WA

“Ramm Botanicals have been working on the Lomandra verdayTM for well over 2 years now and in our experience through extensive pot and field trials the verdayTM is a true winner. Able to withstand high rainfall, extended periods of dry and also able to grow through extremes of temperatures, not to mention soil types. verdayTM is a very tough plant that will give many, many years of trouble free performance. I would be more than happy to recommend this plant in most urban landscape applications.”
Ryan Weber | Director / BAppSc (Hort) | RAMM BOTANICALS, NSW

“I would like to say how impressed I am with your new selection of Lomandra longifolia (Ll364 PBR), Lomandra verdayTM. It is a great compact form of Lomandra that seems to flower all the time. We have been growing it for the last three years here on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland.
At first I was hesitant to trial Lomandra verdayTM due to the plant being bred and grown in southern NSW and the ACT. In our experience most of the ‘southern-type’ Lomandras do not perform very well in our climactic growing conditions as we can experience torrential rain during the summer months, with temperatures and humidity being extremely high. To our surprise Lomandra verdayTM flourished and perfumed well above our expectations! Since planting our in-ground trials in various locations to test its suitability we have had floods, heat waves, frosts and extreme humidity. Lomandra verdayTM has not looked back!
We find Lomandra verdayTM generally performs better than other ‘southern type’ varieties on the market, such as Lomandra ‘Seascape’, Lomandra ‘Lime Wave’ and Lomandra ‘Tanika’.
I highly recommend Lomandra verdayTM as a great landscape plant, where an extremely versatile compact plant is required with can tolerate a wide range of climactic growing conditions and soil types.”
Shaun O’Brien | Director / Research Scientist | VITROFLORA Pty Ltd, QLD

“This is an excellent taller-growing Lomandra with relatively broad, upright, mid-green foliage that needs absolutely minimal maintenance for several years after planting. In my experience it will perform well across most Australian environments with the exception of tropical areas. The foliage has a somewhat shiny appearance that sets it apart from many other Lomandra varieties”.
Angus Stewart, ABC Gardening Australia