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Sun and frost hardened, climate ready trees and plants grown in environmentally sensitive outdoor spaces using renewable energy and harvested rainwater for minimal carbon footprint

The Provincial nurseries have major supply capacity with over 8 acres of chemical free nursery space with over 1 million plants on the ground and capacity of 2.5 million+. We provide sun and frost hardened natives and select hardy exotics from seedlings to advanced native and deciduous tree stock and a wide range of native seed.

With 2 different nursery locations in the ACT and NSW we provide the benefit of different growing seasons and more plants can be produced year round.  We have a comprehensive range of species with a focus on hardiness and flora for fauna. We specialise in native grasses, strappy leafed, biofilter and wetlands plants and native and deciduous advanced trees. Our plants are suited to horticultural production, commercial and residential landscaping, wetlands and water quality ponds, revegetation and rehabilitation projects.

As stock changes frequently and we price projects based on scale and scope of works required, please contact us with your plants wish list or to discuss a forward order to secure the stock you need when you need it.

We supply to Wholesale and Retail projects and clients.  Wholesale customers must be a bona fide landscape, horticultural or allied business with a current ABN/ACN. Please download the price list applicable to you instantly below.

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What is in it for you?

We’re happy to apply special bonuses when you buy trees in bulk (discounts will be applied on bulk orders of 75L, 100L and 200L trees for orders over 10 trees.  % range to be calculated between 5% - 15% based on order size.  Ditto for large Hiko Tubestock or 140mm/200mm pot orders

We will also apply discounts on Pre-Grow Orders – so if you know a project is coming up in 6, 12 or 18 months, we invite you to get organised early and secure the stock in advance at the best possible pricing and avoid last minute stress and project delays when you can’t find what you need.  Given trees can take from 6 – 12 months to several years to grow to select sizes, it’s opportune to get it together early and lock in your stock.  Oh yeah.  Talk to us

We also have a fabulous big, white, specifically designed plant transporting truck (driven by fabulous Phil - in his blue singlet if you're lucky) to deliver plants to you (and take the pressure off you having to lug the big boys around).

And we can plant them for you if that takes your fancy – we have an awesome landscape plant loving team that are experts at installing and maintaining the plants we grow.

What makes our nursery growing facilities and ethos so special?

Provincial’s advanced native and deciduous trees are grown in environmentally sensitive outdoor spaces that operate on renewable solar energy, use an off-grid water supply and on-site water storage that’s moved around using solar pumps – they are truly ‘green’ plants and trees!

Our native and deciduous farm, nursery and street trees are grown in purpose-built facilities (by horticulturalist / ecologist / passionate plant loving people) and are supplied sun and frost hardened – sexy and tough.  We also have an extensive range of ‘farm’ trees that will do the job but have their quirks!

Provincial is committed to minimising our carbon footprint and practises xeriscaping, agro-forestry and regenerative agriculture.  We grow but importantly plant a load of trees that absorb the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global warming  -  we’re good guys playing clean and smart in an otherwise dirty industry.

Why are we growing plants and trees? Because we want to make a positive impact on our world and we want to help you to plant more plants and trees.  We have experienced first-hand the effect of a changing climate, drought, floods, weather extremes and resultant bushfires on our lives and projects.

The planet needs trees.  Our communities need trees.  Our homes and landscapes need trees that provide shade and shelter, create habitat, are natural air conditioners and purifiers, don’t burn in fires, improve air, soil and water quality generally and make you feel better.  You can make a difference, make your outdoor space or property more liveable and beautiful and help the planet breathe if you plant more trees.  You need trees. 

Now if you buy plants and trees from us that are grown sustainably at the best prices we think you’ll plant more – so it’s win, win, win for us, you and the environment.

 Actually, it’s win, win, win, win for us, you, the environment and the community because every time you buy a plant or tree from us we donate a % of the profits to fantastic causes (local and international pursuits in clean water, energy, food supply, sustainable agriculture and education projects. We also proudly support community and environmental group causes and local schools). And we’ll continue implementing sustainable technologies and products and renewable energy systems into our growing facilities so we can grow more plants and trees.  We put both the planet and our local community first and we’re walking the talk.   You contribute to these initiatives by partnering with us…… embrace the warm fuzzies and feel good about your purchase as you help us contribute to others and continue to grow more plants for our communities.