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ACT Healthy Waterways UM001, Molonglo River ACT


Project Name: ACT Healthy Waterways, UM001, Molonglo River Rehabilitation, ACT

Project type: Waterway rehabilitation, plant propagation and supply, integrated pest management, extended maintenance over 2 years, rock chutes in gullies

Completion date + duration Completed: Commenced December 2018  – Current / Duration 60 months

Project description: This major rehabilitation project over 4.5km of the Molonglo River involves the restoration of the Molonglo River located from the Northern edge of Oaks Estate, under Pialligo Avenue and up to Sutton Road. The restoration will include revegetation along the river and the four major gullies, weed control and the installation of grade control structures to stabilise the four gullies to prevent further sedimentation.  This important site encompasses areas of ecological, heritage and aboriginal significance. Significantly, there are EPBC listed plant communities present that require careful management (White Box – Yellow Box – Blakely’s Gum grassy woodlands and derived grasslands), 3 weeds of National significance (WONS) and Aboriginal Corroboree grounds.

Works encompass:  a massive 2000 hours weed control of multiple invasive species and Integrated Pest Management for rabbit control; Civil rock chutes for erosion control in 4 Gullies; 4.5Km of stock proof fencing and rabbit proof netting installation; Seed collection, supply and installation of 92, 0000 + local plants and extended maintenance for 2 years following revegetation

Project Value: $3, 000, 000

Qty of plants supplied: 100,000

Project location: Molonglo River ACT / NSW

Client:  Construction Control Australia P/L for ACT Govt