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ACT Healthy Waterways, Packages 3, 4 and 7, multiple sites ACT


Project Name:ACT Healthy Waterways, Landscape Packages 3, 4 and 7, Multiple Sites, ACT

Project type: Waterway rehabilitation and Wetlands Creation, soft-scaping, plant propagation, supply and maintenance

Completion date + duration Completed: September 2018 – Current

Project description: These projects form part of the waterway rehabilitation works along the Molonglo River corridor and its associated tributaries from the downstream extent of Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve to Oaks End Road and the Queanbeyan River from the ACT border to the confluence with the Molonglo River. These works are designed to provide both surface water quality improvement and to improve visual aesthetics through an increased diversity of native vegetation and reduction in weed species.  These projects include topsoiling, dryland grassing and BSM, mulching, supply and installation of plants and maintenance.

Project Value: $600,000

Project location: Multiple Locations ACT

Client: BMD and HUON