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Patch K Habitat Restoration and PTWL, Molongolo NES Plan, Molongolo ACT

Project Name: Patch K Restoration

Project type: Provenance seed collection, propagation and plant supply, revegetation, extended maintenance

Completion date + duration Completed: June 2016 / Duration: 15 months

Project description: Restoration to enhance Pink-Tail Worm-Lizard habitat and sympathetic fire hazard reduction. Supply, plant and maintenance. As part of a study into habitat enhancement of the Pink-Tail Worm lizard (Aprasia parapulchella). Provincial sourced local seed from the Molonglo River corridor, propagated the planted and installed them to design, amongst spread rocky debris typical of the worm lizard’s habitat. Ongoing maintenance is being carried out to ensure the establishment and persistence of the grassland habitat for a 12 month period

Project Value: $136,000

Qty of plants supplied: 45,000 plants / 150kgs native seed

Project location: Molonglo River Reserve

Client:ACT Government Procurement & Capital Works