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Acacia cultriformis

Plant name: Knife-leaf wattle

Plant type: shrubs / bushes / trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, QLD.

Cultural notes: A hardy plant that is happiest in a well-drained sunny position.

Maintenance: Prune as required to maintain shape.

Tolerates: Tolerant of frost, drought and poor soils.

Flowering season: Spring.

Flower colour: The flowers occur in small fluffy balls and are yellow-gold in colour. They are sweetly perfumed. Seed pods are brown growing to 7cm in length.

Foliage colour: Small, triangular blue-grey phyllodes. The common name Knife leaf wattle is derived from the shape of the foliage.

Width: Up to 3m

Height: Up to 3m

Plant spacing: 150cm apart

Recommended uses: A hardy and attractive plant often used in gardens for its blue-grey foliage and yellow flowers.

Description: An erect shrub to 3m in height. A graceful weeping habit with blue-grey triangular-shaped foliage and golden yellow ball-shaped flowers in spring.