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Allocasuarina cunninghamiana

Plant name: River she oak

Plant type: advanced / deciduous trees

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet

Origin: NSW, ACT, QLD.

Cultural notes: Naturally occuring along fresh watercourses and moist swampy areas. This species prefers a sunny position in well drained to damp soil and accepts temporary innundation.

Tolerates: Tolerant of frost, drought, damp soils and temporary innundation.

Flowering season: Autumn. Flower colour: The male and female flowers occur on different plants (dioecious). Male flowers are rusty red cylindrical flower spikes at the end of the branchlets. Female flowers are small red and oval in shape. Small fruiting cones are produced on the female plants.

Foliage colour: The foliage is made up of grey-green needle like branchlets. The true leaves are reduced to tiny teeth-like scales at regular intervals along the branchlets.

Width: up to 10m

Height: up to 35m

Plant spacing: 300cm apart

Recommended uses: A handsome tree for large gardens, parks and as a street tree. This species is allelopathic (suppresses growth beneath it).

Description: A medium to large sized tree growing to 35m and spreading 10m. It has dense furrowed grey-brown bark and drooping grey-green needle-like foliage.