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Austrodanthonia caespitosa

Plant name: Common wallaby grass

Plant type: native and ornamental grasses

Plant pdf: Download the product detail sheet


Cultural notes: Thrives in a range of climatic conditions from hot and arid to cool and moist and a variety of soil types including heavy clay.

Maintenance: Should be cut back periodically to encourage new growth.

Tolerates: Frost, moderate drought.

Flowering season: Late Spring

Flower colour: Pale green to white, fluffy in appearance. The flower head consists of 10-30 spikelets. Each plant can have 4 to 9 flower heads.

Foliage colour: Blue-green, can develop pinkish tinges. The leaves are 3mm long and given adequate moisture will remain green all year round. Leaves are flat and narrow and sometimes hairy. Stems are smooth and slender.

Width: up to 0.12m

Height: up to 0.9m

Plant spacing: 30cm apart

Recommended uses: Feature planting or revegetation use. Also considered a valuable pasture species. Native lawn.

Description: A tufting perennial with smooth, slender stems.